1960 – In order to repair tractors and agricultural machinery, five brothers, descendants from an old family of blacksmiths, decided to start a business in Crespos (Spain), called Talleres Cruz. At first they were limited to repairing, but within two or three years’ time, they began building the first farming implements (ploughs, harrows, etc.).


1968 – Due to the introduction in the area of the sugar beet, the interest in developing new products and the contact with the customers, Talleres Cruz manufactured its first two-row leaf-stripper/topper, whose rotors were parallel to the planting line.


1971 – After the great acceptance obtained from customers with the leaf-strippers, now produced also for three rows, the first one-row digger is designed, with drum cleaning system and mechanical unload.


1973 – In the course of these first years, our machines developed to suit the needs of our customers. We produced different leaf-stripper models, whose rotors were perpendicular to the planting line, as well as diggers, replacing the drum with cleaning stars and the mechanical unload with a hydraulic system.


1975 – Talleres Cruz manufactured the first strawberry plant harvester.


1978 – In order to meet the growing demand of machinery experienced then in Spain, the company acquired new machining and welding tools and enlarged the production staff.


1985 – The company was split between the brothers. Mr Teodoro and Mr Eusebio Cruz remained in charge of the machinery production. They started building the 2H harvester, our first machine ever to dig the sugar beet on the tractor wheels’ side, with two cleaning stars and hydraulic unload hopper.


1987 – Mr José Carlos Cruz, the current manager, joined the company replacing his father. Development of the first electrohydraulic harvester (model 1AH), which was later improved and nowadays is installed in many models. Development of the six-row rear leaf-stripper with leaf ejection by screw.


1988 – Manufacture of the first three-row digger capable of lining the sugar beet from three or six rows into a single line.


1992 – Mr Eusebio Cruz goes into retirement, leaving Mr Jose Carlos Cruz as the sole administrator. The name of the company is changed into Maquinaria Agrícola Cruz, S.L., and it opens up to the global market.


1993 – Creation of the first RT-310 loader, which will later become one of the company’s hallmarks.


1994 – Manufacture of the first sugar beet six-row digger with two cleaning stars and vibration digging and the first six-row leaf-stripper mounted on the front side of the tractor.


1996 – Boom of the backward-driving 6-row digger and leaf-stripper set. After two of three years, this system ceased to be used due to its difficulty of usage and the lack of tractors provided with reversed driving wheel.


1998 – Development of the RT-314 sugar beet loader with rear and side unloading.


2001 – Development of the 2AH 2-row harvester provided with three cleaning stars and a 7,500 kg hopper.


2002 – Development of the RT-307 sugar beet loader and a new strawberry plant harvester with improved features (1,200 mm working width, cleaning star system and side unloading).


2004 – Development of the 6HL-RHF2 leaf-stripper/topper, mounted on the front side of the tractor and provided with two rotors (one of them with steel flails and the other one with rubber flails).


2005 – Development of the 6SVA 6-row digger with alternate share movement.


2007 – In May 2007 we moved to our new facilities, where we have a much broader working space and better production tools.


2012 – Over the last years, we have added a wide range of machines for special applications to our catalogue, such as cultivator-ploughs; chicory, carrot and onion leaf-strippers and diggers; mulchers; pea loaders or wire braiders for the automotive industry.


From the production of our first unit up until now, we have never stopped developing and improving the results of our machines. Accordingly, the robustness, high performance and quality of our products are well known worldwide.

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