Sugar Beet

Maquinaria Agrícola Cruz has been devoted to sugar beet machinery over half a century. In fact, our company has grown following the evolution of this crop, which undoubtedly benefitted to a great extent from our know-how. Our machines have proved to be the most suitable for the harvest of sugar beet in the toughest environments, from wet clay terrains to dry stony fields, always emphasizing simplicity.


Strawberries have also been a vital cornerstone for M.A.C.E. over the years. Our machines collect the whole strawberry plants for subsequent activities.

Other products

The company has also successfully designed and manufactured a great number of special machines, upon request, for other crops and other kinds of applications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

MAQUINARIA AGRÍCOLA CRUZ, S.L. is a company founded in 1960. It is devoted since 1965 to the design and production of machinery for the recollection of sugar beet and strawberry plants, among other activities.

Since 1992 it is present in many foreign markets, and since 2005 it operates from new headquarters and production facilities located in Crespos (Spain).

Our products have always been notorious for their high quality, simplicity, good performance and robustness.